Free-day: Speech marks ideas!

Teaching speech marks can’t always be the most interesting thing. But when you start to think outside of the box there are some absolutely amazing things you can come up with!

Last year, whilst thinking of interesting ways in which we have conversations it dawned on me that the most prominent way I have conversations (which aren’t verbal) was on my phone. Via text message. Was there any way I could use text messages to inspire the Y4s to use their speech marks? Well yes! I used the sheets that are attached in a speech mark lesson and the kids talked about it for about a week after! The teacher loved it too! They’re Little Red Riding Hood themed, as that was the story they were concentrating on at the time.

Here is the speech-marks-worksheets (there are 3 different conversations. 1 which asks children for an alternative “said” word and add an adverb, the other 2 just asking for children to use an alternative “said” word)

I asked the children to turn the textual conversations into conversations using speech marks correctly punctuated! They all achieved the LG and their work was incredible. They remembered new line new speaker, speech marks and came up with some incredible “said” words too!

Hope you find it useful. Let me know in the comments or tweet me @eenalol

S x


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