Nerves? Yep.

As most of you know I am on my way to becoming a teacher. It’s been a LONG road so far, and it’s still going. It’s not been easy but it has definitely been a whole host of fun! I thought I would write a blog post explaining where I am up to in my journey and what the future holds for me!

As I sit here and type I have completed my literacy skills test, which was nerve wrecking, and I have been sent an interview date for my SCITT course. I’ll break it down…

Obviously I am in the middle of a degree (which you need in this country to be a teacher, you need a degree… I roll my eyes at this but that’s not for this post!) and I am in the process of writing a dissertation. On top of this I have applied through UCAS to do a SCITT (school centred initial teacher training) course. In an ideal world I’d get on this course without having to be interviewed or anything, alas this is the real world! One of the requirements to get onto any teacher training course is that you pass Professional Skills Tests: maths and literacy. There is a website for which you can do the practice tests and I was the typically good student that I am and I completed these practice tests. My god am I glad I did them! Not because they give you the answers but because I knew what to expect when it came to doing the real test, in a real test centre. I was nervous as anything. I didn’t really know where the centre was but I found it with the help of Google Maps (thanks Google!). I went into the holding room and then was called in to confirm my identity (you have to take 2 forms of identity with you), what I was there for and my signature (I’m not sure what this was all about, I guess it confirms that you’re not getting someone else to do it for you). You go into the test room, sit at a computer and complete a few sections: spelling, punctuation, grammar and then a comprehension part. Throughout the test I was filled with nerves… not because I doubted my ability but because of the importance. I need to pass. I need to get on this course. I am so ready to be a teacher. So you do the test and then you go wait back in the holding room and I was just handed my letter, with a very sorrowful lady handing it over to me. I panicked, sure that I’d failed. I opened the letter and it told me I PASSED. Thank the Lord. I was so glad. I mean, I’d passed all of the practice tests, but that means nothing. You never know what nerves are going to do to you! I texted all of my friends and my family and they were all so chuffed for me.

Then the next day I got an email asking me to come for my interview at the SCITT school that is running the whole thing. So my interview is today, the day this post is published.

As I sit writing this I’m really nervous. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I didn’t expect it to happen at all if I’m really honest but that’s the doubter in me, nothing else. I know I am ready for this. I am not a good interviewee. I will make it through this interview and I will prove myself wrong. I know I can do this. Everyone around me knows I can do this. Everyone around me has so much faith in me. I’ll do it for them if I can’t do it for me. I just wanna thank all of you, if you’re reading this and you’ve sent me positive vibes, if you’ve texted/tweeted/messaged/hugged me then thank you. I need this. You’re all incredible. And if you have any tips for me then PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

A very nervous and worried, S x


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