S4S – YALC want books


It’s Sunday again. How is everyone? Having a relaxing day? Tell me what you’re up to. I like a Sunday. It means it’s almost time for SundayYA. This week’s #SixforSunday theme is:

Six books YALC made me want NOW

  1. Goodbye, Perfect – Sara Barnard (out next year, boo!)
  2. Sorrow Book – Melinda Salisbury (C’MON IS IT TIME YET?!)
  3. Tanglewood and Brine – Deidre Sullivan (again, next year, boo!)
  4. Floored – Melinda Salisbury, Sara Barnard, Non Pratt, Lisa Williamson, Tanya Byrne, Eleanor Wood, Holly Bourne (still 2018. sad)
  5. Hero At The Fall – Alwyn Hamilton (2018 is winning on the book front)
  6. The Invasion – Paedar O’Guilin (I managed to get a proof of this, woop!)

What a year 2018 is turning out to be for books! So many wants!

Which books are on your want list?
Which books are you excited for in the future?

Let me know sharing them on your blog or on twitter, use the hashtag #SixforSunday! Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting #SixforSunday announcement in the next few weeks!

S x

#ChangeBook blog tour

A while back, I was sent an email by the brilliant Charlie from Stripes, asking me if I would be interested in taking part in the blog tour for #ChangeBook and I happily accepted. 

Today is that day.
Today I bring you Catherine Johnson’s brilliant blog post on her story ‘Astounding Talent! Unequalled Performances! which I have read and will happily tell you it is beautiful. 


I am so thrilled that my story Astounding Talent! Unequalled Performances! has been included in the anthology. It’s been a real privilege to be a small part of the energy that’s gone into the book.

So why am I writing historical fiction? And why William Darby?

Well the reason I began was because it’s important to me, as a British mixed race woman, to say there have been people like me in our country for ever – not simply since the Windrush in the late nineteen forties but stretching back to at least the Roman conquest.

When I grew up British history was always totally white. Just like a Quality Tin lid or Downton Abbey. I hope some of my stories might go a little way to changing that.

And there are so many brilliant true stories that are more incredible than anything I could make up. Very often my stories are based on real people or include real people (Mary Wilcox in Lady Caraboo, Thomas Dumas in Blade and Bone) I get a bit carried away and want everyone else to know about them too, and that’s how I felt when I discovered William Darby, the main character in my Change story.

William Darby was born in 1811 in the Norwich workhouse, he became a successful – and the first non-white – circus impresario of the mid Victorian era.

The Illustrated London News said of one of his shows;

Mr. Pablo Fanque is an artiste of colour, we have not only never seen such riding surpassed, but never equalled. Mr Pablo Fanque was the hit of the evening.

He first performed as Young Darby, and it was not until he led his own troupe that he took the name Pablo Fanque.  My story is completely made up but I did wonder how he chose his stage name…


Catherine Johnson


Thank you Charlie and Stripes for sending me a copy of #ChangeBook – a review will be up next week! I can’t wait for EVERYONE to read this book. Please, go out, buy it, get it from the library. Everyone needs to read it. 

Check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour! I can promise you it’ll be brilliant

Change Blog Tour


Hello! Yesterday you saw YALC Highlights Part 1, today we have YALC Highlights Part 2. Bear with me. I just had such an incredible weekend that I need to talk about it. 

I hope you’re sitting comfortably with a cuppa (or equivalent).

Awesome authors
Now, I think awesome authors is a GIVEN when going to a book event BUT it is such a wonderful experience meeting these wonderful humans and getting to talk to them. There were SO MANY authors there that I admired, whose books have had a lasting impact on me that I was initially quite overwhelmed. The list was as long as my arm and the fact that I was going to get to meet them made me quite emotional. It goes without saying that there was a lot of fangirling going on, but being the awesome humans that they are they were all incredibly kind and some even fangirled back at me. Shout out to Tanya Byrne for fangirling at me for tweeting her so much about her story in #ChangeBook. As a reader you get to read these incredible collections of words that an author has produced and to get to go up to them and say this is my favourite part, or these character makes me so angry, or this part changed my life is an incredible part of the reader/author relationship. Kelly and I waited around a while for one of our faves Alwyn Hamilton, only to tell her that if she kills one of her characters we will NOT be her friend. I could talk for hours about the conversations I had with authors and how much I fangirled but no one needs to read that. (If you go to book things and see an author you love, TELL THEM). 

(see: Queen Sara, Katie Webber, Queen Mel, Non Pratt, Alwyn Hamilton)

Melinda Salisbury
Speaking of awesome authors, my queen was there. #QueenMel. For those of you who are unaware who this awesomely wicked human is, Mel is the author of my favourite trilogy of all time: The Sin Eater’s Daughter/The Sleeping Prince/The Scarecrow Queen. Now poor Mel puts up with me ALL the time being her number 1 fangirl, so when the schedule told me there was going to be a workshop, I NEEDED to be there. Kelly and I were very lucky to be in the queue early enough on the Saturday to put our names down and be in the chosen 10 to get into the workshop. It was brilliant fun. Her workshop was ‘Books to Bags‘ and we used ACTUAL TSED hardback books to make them into bags. The workshop was a lot of fun, although I’m not sure who allowed Mel to handle a staple gun. It was a gorgeous, informal environment to talk to her and a few others in the workshop. The workshop was filled with broken staple guns, talks of weapons, and laughtera perfect Saturday morning activity. Aside from the workshop, I got to hear Mel talk a few times and even managed to bag myself a Team Mel badge (even though I wasn’t on Team Mel for the quiz… I AM Team Mel in life though). The signing queue for Mel was of epic length but I had 1 copy of TSP to be signed so we waited in the queue. She is one of my favourite humans. Thanks to Mel for dealing with my fangirling this weekend (and forever)

Debut author talks
Yesterday I talked about the talks in general but 2 of my favourite talks were the New Voices talks. The first panel of each day included some brilliant new, debut author talks. When the schedule was announced, I scanned the New Voices talks in awe. I had read quite a few of the debut books, so going to hear the authors talk was a given. We got to hear about their journeys to becoming published, their inspirations and what surprised them about being published. I loved that all of their journeys were different and that the one thing that came out from all of them was that the book they have had published is a book that was special to them. These panels were only half an hour, chaired by the gorgeous Katie Webber, but they could easily have been hours long and I would’ve been happy! A few highlights included meeting Alice Broadway (gorgeous human and author of Ink), Harriet Springbett (who is a SundayYA regular and an all round gorgeous human), Karen Gregory (creator of Countless, which will break your heart) and Tamsin Winter (author of Being Miss Nobody, perfect for teenagers). Debut author talks are always great to go to because they will introduce you to new authors and new stories.

Non’s headshave
As #QuizYA was such a winner, Non had raised enough money to mean she had to have her head shaved. This delight came on Saturday night, after all of the panels had finished. The scene was set for an epic headshave in the name of charity. Authors and fans could pay £5 to cut a bit of Non’s hair off before the shave and PEOPLE DID. It was hilarious. So picture the scene: Non with hair cut off (Mel took GREAT JOY being first cutting hair), head being shaved by the lovely Carlie Sorosiack (If Birds Fly Back author) and almost 200 people watching this happen… only for Benedict Cumberbatch to walk past. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. HIS FACE. IT WAS BEYOND HILARIOUS. THERE WAS PANDEMONIUM. The head shaving had to be paused for a minute as everyone was laughing too much. Cumberbatch probably thought “yeah we’ll go this way, there’ll be no one there or they’re just bookish people, they’re chill” ONLY TO SEE 200 people watching a head shave. His face was a picture. If you search on twitter, I can guarantee you’ll see his face (side note: he became a YALC wanderer on the regular. I must’ve seen him about 7 times over the weekend, he said “good morning” to me at one point). The gorgeous Lucy Saxon took over the head shaving in the end, all whilst cosplaying. (Big shout out to Saxon’s cosplaying… Scorpius Malfoy on Sunday too. Brilliant)

Massive congrats to Non for raising so much money for charity. I think the last total I saw was about £2,800. Also, Non ROCKS the shaved head look. 

Yes, yes, I know. I know. I went to a book convention, there would be books. BUT THERE WERE BOOKS. It was like book heaven. HERE HAVE THE BOOKS. HERE ARE SOME FOR FREE. READ THIS. HERE IS A SAMPLER OF A BOOK. There will be a blog post about my YALC haul, so I won’t go on for hours about it here BUT I must mention it. There were a few samplers I needed to have when I heard they were announced, so I gravitated towards those stalls first. Massive props to the people on the stalls, who designed them and who manned them, they did a brilliant job all weekend. I managed to get a few proofs of books which I am SO excited for (one in particular, I hassled the people for 2 days before the announcement). I’m hoping to do some ARCs for August so watch out for those. Come back in a few days for more details of the books I acquired. 

Okay, that’s enough words for today. I hope you’re still awake. There is one more highlights post to come. I will be back tomorrow with that post. YALC haul will be up next week! 

S x

BOOKBLOG: Alan Windram

One Button Benny: everyone is a superhero!


Sometimes you find heroes in the most unexpected places”

One Button Benny tells the story of Benny, who is different to all the rest of his robot friends. The robots all have buttons on them and they are very useful indeed. The rest of his friends have buttons that they use all the time and they make fun of him because his button isn’t very useful… until it is! 

Benny feels really left out because he can’t use his button every day. All of his friends can. Benny tries to find ways to use his button (I would agree that an empty biscuit tin is an emergency Benny, but well done for not pressing your button!)

I loved this book. The illustrations are gorgeous. His face is just gorgeous. Poor Benny is so sad when his friends are mean but then becomes a whole new robot when his button can be pressed. Benny goes from being a bit of an outcast to being the hero. There is nothing quite as good as a gorgeous hero in a story. Benny couldn’t be a more lovely hero! 

This would be a brilliant story to use in school to tie in with a space or robot topic! Perfect for KS1 for exploring themes around being yourself, being unique and being important. Great to celebrate difference and diversity.

An added bonus is that you can get the audio book and the song Zing, Zang, Zoom from the website too! Brilliant! Kids love listening to a story! (Clicky, click.)

Thank you so much to Alan Windram for sending me a copy of this gorgeous little book! I will be sure to take it into school! 

Have you read One Button Benny?
What would make you press your emergency button?
Can you recommend any other books with the same message?

Let me know on twitter, or in the comments!

S x



So it’s Wednesday, I am back from YALC and I am SO sad to be home. BUT today and tomorrow (and possibly the day after) I will be sharing my YALC highlights – there are MANY, but I have tried to keep it to 10 (or so). These posts are not going to be short, so grab yourself a cuppa and a biscuit (milk, one sugar for me and a bourbon thanks) for the ride!

So here goes… (they aren’t in any particular order, I have many feels)

YALC Highlights: Part 1

For those of you who didn’t know, #QuizYA was a quiz organised by the gorgeous author Non Pratt to raise money for charity and if enough money was raised Non was going to have her head shaved. The quiz was held in the pub across the road from Olympia and all the quiz goers were split into groups with authors as team captains. My gorgeous Welsh friend Kelly and I made our way on to #teamBarnard (because Sara Barnard is one of our faves) and we were on a team with some absolute lovelies! There were some intense timed rounds with missing vowels and an Only Connect round of ‘find the link’ – we bossed them both, cause we clever. Other highlights of the rounds included London Underground… “HOUSE” (trying to find the underground stations with all the vowels), Comic book heroes and YA Book shortlists. It was a tight race to the top but in the end the best team was victorious. #teamBarnard FTW. 

Thank you so much Non for organising such an awesome night
. It truly is one of the highlights up there on my list! Made my YALC experience even more memorable. Can’t wait for next year now! 


Anyone who follows me on twitter will know that I stayed in an AirBnB with 2 of my most favourite humans in the world, Kelly and Cora. We met on SundayYA and have become really close friends, so when we decided we were all going to YALC, we decided to share a house. As you do when you share houses, you have takeaway (because it would be rude not to). #takeawayYA quickly became a thing and a lot of people commented on how fun it was to see what we were eating! From Prosecco, to wine, to diet coke, Indian food, Chinese food and pizza… it was all covered. (Plus, it saved us cooking AND washing!) Sharing a house with my faves made my experience even more enjoyable. 

(see: Chinese, pizza, Nandos, Indians)

Another one of my favourite parts of YALC were the panels. There were some absolutely brilliant talks this year. It’s always really interesting to hear the authors talk about their books and discover more about the books and the authors that you love. I managed to make it along to all of the panels that I wanted to and tagged along with Kelly to some panels that she wanted to – this made me discover some authors I had never read and now that I really want to! The ‘Heroines‘ panel was a brilliant look at the highs and heroines in books written by some amazing female authors (Melinda Salisbury, Alwyn Hamilton, Laure Eve, Amy Alward, Sophia Bennett). ‘Writing What You Know‘ gave an insight into the authors and the well known phrase “you should write what you know“. This talk highlighted that whatever you write, be it what you know or not, that you need to treat the story with respect and do some research! (Alex Wheatle, Lisa Williamson, Rachael Lucas, Lisa Heathfield, Hannah Witton) I love when panels/talks introduce me to new authors that I never would’ve come across before and this is exactly what the ‘Myths, Magic and Fairy tales‘ panel did. In this brilliant chat, it was brilliant to hear authors talk about one of my favourite elements for books… MAGIC. I love any book that includes magic, so books that call upon magic and mythology are always a winner for me. This chat also introduced me to Deidre Sullivan, who is not only adorable but her books sound RIGHT up my street. I went straight over to Amazon to order a book or 2 of hers! It was also lovely to finally meet Paedar who wrote the incredible ‘The Call’ and hear about its origins (if you haven’t read this yet, what is wrong with you? Get on it!). Some brilliant myths were mentioned and I will definitely be reading some more! (Joanne Harris, Julia Gray, Laura Dockrill, Zöe Marriott, Deirdre Sullivan, Peadar O’Guilin) On Saturday, I also tagged along to the Laini Taylor and ‘Books that made me‘ panels with Kelly and they turned out to be really interesting. I haven’t read anything by any of the authors but I am definitely going to seek out Strange the Dreamer in particular. Laini seems like the loveliest person ever and Katie Webber did an amazing job chairing the panel (not just that one, she was an incredible chair all weekend!) Sunday brought me back to #teamBarnard as Sara was on the ‘Life advice‘ panel. This was one I KNEW I needed to get to from the moment I saw the schedule. It was a brilliant look at giving advice (or not giving advice and offering resources) and life. Sara was with Holly Bourne and Hannah Witton (who is gorgeous) on this panel and it was brilliant to hear them talk about everything from feminism to loneliness and bullies. The final panel I tagged along to was Patrick Ness (chaired by the awesome Juno Dawson). I was very lucky to have met both of these awesome authors in the past few months, but I went along anyway – it’s not every day you get to hear Patrick Ness speak! It’s always really interesting to hear authors talk and answer questions that I NEVER would’ve thought of.

My favourite quote of the weekend came from Joanne Harris when talking in the ‘Books that made me’ panel. 

“The authors who make you are kind of your family. You get to choose them”

Meeting twitterfolk
Being a twitterer (I do twitter on, I do apologise) I have made some amazing friends and I was super excited to meet them all at YALC. To say I was nervous however was also a truth. I was PROPER nervous. Here are a bunch of people who I have never met IRL and they’re finally going to see me IRL. I didn’t quite know what to do. Friday I was a bit shy and didn’t really introduce myself to many people but Saturday I knew I had to just bite the bullet. I am SO GLAD I did. (Seriously though, do it. GO say hi to those faces you recognise from Twitter. It is never as awkard as you think). Massive shoutout to one of my favourite humans in the world, Lucy (@ldlapinski on twitter, go follow her, she’s bloody awesome) for her amazing cosplay – look at how fierce she is. I was SUCH a fangirl and I apologise so much. (sorry for my face but LOOK HOW AWESOME)

I got to meet so many other wonderful twitterfolk and I REALLY slacked on the selfie front and it makes me sad, but here are some of my other fave faces and twitterpeople. (If you have a selfie with us in it, send me it! I want all of the memories!) 

(See: Liv, Lizzie, Grace, Zoe)


I think that’s enough for one day! Sorry for my rambling! Come back tomorrow for more YALC highlights!

S x

S4S – YALC authors

It’s Sunday. It’s YALC. I’m excited.

It’s Sunday. It’s #SixforSunday time!

Last week I posted about books that I’m excited for at YALC, this week I’m talking: 

Six authors I am excited to meet at YALC

  1. Melinda Salisbury 
  2. Sara Barnard
  3. Alice Broadway
  4. Holly Bourne
  5. Will Hill
  6. Katie Webber

I have met some of these authors before at other events, but some I have not.

It goes without saying that I am excited for ALL OF THE YALC. But these authors and their books have a special place in my heart!

Who are you most excited to meet?
Which panels must you not miss?
How are you feeling now that YALC is almost over?

Let me know in the comments, or use the hashtag #SixforSunday on twitter! I would love to see who you’re all excited for!

S x

Book people are the best people…

Why books bring people together

Opinions – popular and unpopular. Being listened to. Being heard. Reading incredible blogs by gorgeous Grace. Feeling included. Meeting new friends. Being invited to incredible events. Beauty and the Beast. Strong, female characters. Book recommendations. Book talk. Book swapping. Being surrounded by people who support you. People who encourage you. (Friends who encourage your book buying habit!) Stories you need. Stories that change you. Books with meaning. Books that make you laugh. Books for the sake of reading. Authors who respect you. Authors you respect. Talking, commending, fangirling over a book or an author. Laughing. Crying. All of the crying. Blog posts about books. The honesty of books. The honesty of authors. Making friends with people half way around the world because of a book. Making friends with someone along the road because of a book. 

I love being a book blogger. 
I love being a reader.

S x


One year ago today, I posted my first blog post.
One year later, I’m posting my 257th blog post.

One year ago today, I sat in this seat and figured it would fizzle out.
One year later, I’m still sat here, writing this.

One year ago today, I posted about Matilda. 
One year later, I’m still blogging about Matilda.

One year ago today, I sat here thinking, “will anyone read this? will anyone even care?”
One year later I still worry that no one cares or that no one will read. 

One year ago today, I had no idea what to do with my blog.
One year later, I have some direction and know where I want to going.

One year ago today, I knew no-one in the blogging world.
One year later, I have some incredible friends

One year ago, I did it because I wanted a place to have a say.
One year later, I do it because I love it.

S x

p.s. Keep your eyes open for giveaways, round up posts and all sorts of other fun coming in the next few weeks to help celebrate my 1 year anniversary!



Letters to… the bookish people

Hello bookish people,

How are you? What are you up to today? What are you reading? Have you told the author you’re reading their book or enjoying their book? Please do. They love it. But don’t tell them if you’re not, cause no one wants to know that. 

I just thought I would write to you all, on this eve of my 1 year blogging anniversary with a few words of thanks. I could end up rambling for a bit because even after a year, I’m not great at not rambling! 

To my fellow book bloggers, I want to give you the biggest thank you. You have supported me and followed me since that first post about Matilda to now and you all amaze me at how brilliant and incredible you all are. I came into blogging as an outlet for me to talk about whatever I want and have come out of it after a year with an incredible bunch of friends, feeling part of one big family. You’ve all welcomed me with open arms and it still amazes me to this day. I get to talk to some of the most amazing and inspiring people every single day and it’s all down to the support I have received. We’ve all thought of giving up at some point, but I kept going because of your encouragement. Whether it’s commenting, tweeting, emailing – you’ve enabled me to keep going. A massive thanks to anyone who’s allowed me to guest post on their blog OR who has guest posted on here. I love hosting guest posts – they make me smile and it’s a brilliant way to introduce myself to new bloggers!

I’ve never had a place to call my own to be the massive book fangirl that I am before, being such a bookish person has often been mocked/looked down on, and now I do, I have a place to use my words how I want and it’s more than I’d ever wished for. I’m a tiny pawn in this massive chess board of blogging and books and opinions, but I feel like there’s definitely a place for me somewhere. I’m just a little old gal from Newcastle with opinions, who loves books, putting my opinions out there. I never expect anyone to read. When people comment or tell me they read it still now astounds me.

I need to take a moment here to thank my fellow Honeyz and #SundayYA crew. I would not have got through the last year and had all of the opportunities that I do if it weren’t for you lot. Cora, Rach, Kelly, Aoife: thank you for everything. You’re the best friends a girl can ask for and I love you all so much. I can’t wait to grow our blogs, and the Blogade with you all. The rest of the #SundayYA friends, I love you all. #SundayYA is my favourite corner of the internet to be in and I have learned so much, had such brilliant conversations and read so many incredible books because of all of you.

My blogging wouldn’t be possible without the incredible authors, publishers and publicists out there either. I am in such a lucky position that I get to receive some incredible books from a variety of publishers, and the fact you’re all willing to send them to me and let me share my opinions astounds me. I just love books! A massive shout out to my book fairy Sarah for all of the incredible books I got when I was just starting out. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities in the past year because of the amazing humans in the world: I’ve been to book launches, invited to take part in blog tours for authors who I admire to the absolute maximum and been to blogger events. Telling me that would happen a year ago I would’ve told you to shut your face. I never dreamed blogging would bring me anything like the opportunities I have had. Authors on twitter: you never fail to amaze me… thank you for all of the conversations, thanks for putting up with me fangirling and all of my questions. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to talk to you and tell you how much I adored your book. Because I do. It’s lovely that I can call you friends and that sometimes that you even read my blog. Now that is mindblowing!

I love blogging. Some people scoff at the fact I blog. But I do it for me. Not anyone else. It’s my creative outlet. It’s my place to talk about what matters to me. I love that you all read – be it daily, weekly or if this is your first post – and even comment. The interactions we have on twitter are the best. The fact something I think resonates or even disagrees with you has opened some incredible conversations and even some silly ones! It’s an honest outlet for me that enables me to have some me time during stressful weeks. I can’t always guarantee my blogs are worth reading, but for me they are always worth writing.

Blogging has brought me some amazing experiences, books and friends. Best friends.

And I am so grateful.

Thank you to everyone. Whoever you are. For supporting me. 

S x

BATB Book Tea Party

A while back, I received an email inviting me to a Beauty and the Beast blogger event in London and naturally, being the MASSIVE BATB fan that I am, I accepted the invite and tottled off to London!

My day started at 3:30am – since I needed to get up and get on an early morning train down to London! I had managed to get first class tickets (I know, check me out!) as part of the Virgin Trains East Coast 1st Class Seat sale, for only £30. Bargain. I had numerous cups of tea, some pastries and a soft drink or two on my journey down… I could get used to this first class lifestyle! The staff on the VTEC train were lovely – it was 4:45am, I’m not sure I would’ve been so lovely!! I am not a morning person. On the train down, I started the incredible #ChangeBook, which the wonderful people of Stripes had sent me earlier in the week. A girl always needs some train reading material. 

Once I got to London, I hopped on the tube to Covent Garden and even though I was ridiculously early, I needed to get there. Luckily there was a Caffe Nero just along the street so I chilled out there before the event. The event was held in the incredible Covent Garden Hotel – a beautiful setting. The hotel was gorgeous, the staff were very helpful and, despite the fact I walked past it a few times, it was a joy to be there! They showed me to the cinema room (again, how fancy!) and I was introduced to some other lovely bloggers. I had a lovely surprise when my friend Becky (of Becky Bedbug fame) was there!! We had a lovely chat about all things teachering and blogging before the film started! 

Once the film was over, there was another gorgeous treat… AFTERNOON TEA. (Fanciest day ever) There were some beautiful sandwiches, amazingly delicious cakes and some incredible scone type things, which I may have had about 4. But hey, it’s there to be eaten! We were each brought a glass of Prosecco too, making it REAL afternoon tea.

As the afternoon tea continued, I got chatting to a few of the other bloggers and it was so lovely to finally get to meet one of the people I’ve been talking to on twitter for so long, my gorgeous friend Liv (of That Fiction Life fame) and the gorgeous Zoe (of No Safer Place fame). Becky, Liv, Zoe and I had a long coversation about Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Dumbledore and unpopular book opinions. It was so much fun! It’s so lovely when you get to meet other bookbloggers and they are just as lovely IRL as they are on twitter. I have definitely made friends forever with these girls!

Alongside the afternoon tea there was a book swap. Each of the bloggers was asked to bring along a book which featured a strong, lead female characters, just as Belle is! I took along ‘Winterkill‘ and ‘Troublemakers‘ and in return I took ‘Aurabel‘ – a book I’ve been meaning to buy FOREVER because it is SO GORGEOUS. There were some brilliant choices brought along by the other bloggers too. You’ve gotta commend a book with a strong lead female character because women are brilliant.

Once the book swap was over and the Prosecco was drank, it was time to leave! I can’t wait to see the girls again next week at YALC.

Thank you so much to Disney UK and Juliana at Premier for the invite! I had an amazing day! Check out the #BATBBookTeaParty hashtag on twitter for more pictures and tweets about the day!

S x