S4S – Favourite genres

Happy Sunday! 

How are we all? 

Today’s #SixforSunday is:

My favourite genres

Now, I’m not going to lie… I thought this would be MUCH easier than it was BUT it made me realise that I read LOTS of books from the same few genres! Ha!

But anyway…

  1. Magic
  2. Fantasy (what, magic and fantasy are different, SHUSH)
  3. Contemporary
  4. Magical realism (I don’t know HOW different this is from magic… but shush!)
  5. Historical (well… books around the war in particular!)
  6. Autobiography

(Lol, see… my list this week SUCKS!)

Remember if you’d like to join in, you can check out my list of prompts here: SixForSunday: You Join In!

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October bullet journal!

After the success of my September bullet journal, I’m sharing some pictures of my October bullet journal today! Thank you so much for the positive comments about my bullet journal from September!


I’m no artist… but October is definitely the month of Halloween inspired art!


My mood tracker this month makes me so happy! I decided I needed to be able to track a bigger variety of emotions (the past few months I’ve only been tracking a few emotions!). I can’t wait to see what this looks like when it’s done!


My gratitude page worked so brilliantly last month that I needed to keep it, and adapt it slightly (gosh darn you October having 31 days!!) but I think this has worked out well. I’ve loved looking back on September’s happy things, especially on tough days.


My bookish pages are so important! They help me stay on top of my book post and the books I’ve read! This month I’ve gone for 8 books in a stack… we’ll see if I need to add more! 


The last bit that I’ve completed is my weekly spread. I’m going to use this to help me keep on top of my blogs/my work and my assignments. I’ve added a sleep tracker tooI’m RUBBISH on little sleep. I’ve added a little key too for my ‘to do list’. A girl’s gotta prioritise in life! 

And that’s it for now! That’s the basic bones of my bullet journal. I spent a few hours last Friday doing all of this. I’m not the most creative of people, but the colouring in bit makes me so happy! 

What are your MUST HAVE pages in your bullet journal?
Do you have a colour scheme you like to follow?
What’s your favourite thing about journaling?

Let me know in the comments, or share your posts with me. I love checking out everyone else’s journals!

 S x

Bookish Update


How is everyone today? Today I am going to give you all an update on how my bookish life is going this year! 

Image result for goodreads

At the beginning of the year, my Goodreads reading challenge was set at 52 books – I figured that one per week is pretty good going and what with my very stressful year to come, I figured that was sufficient. 

I can gladly tell you that I have WELL passed that! As of today, I am up to 81 books! 81 books! That is pretty good going. I’d like to thank the summer holidays and half terms with readathons for that! 

Now, my Goodreads total doesn’t include ANY picture books I’ve read (and I’ve read an awful lot), so in reality I’ve probably read a LOT more. 

I’ve read 46 YA books, 31 MG books and then 4 which I do not know how to categorise (see: Matt Haig books because he is INCREDIBLE).

My aim is to try and get 52 YA books read and 52 MG books. I reckon I can do that by the end of the year… maybe!

You may also have known that during September I was on a book buying ban. I was taking part in this with some of my favourite twitter people. I can gladly tell you that I succeeded in my mission of no books bought in September (I did receive lots of gorgeous books in the post, so thank you publishers!). I had 1 day of weakness and am continuing on my ban until October half term… so I can treat myself! 

How is your year in books looking?
Have you partaken in any book buying bans this year?
How’s your Goodreads reading challenge looking?

Let me know in the comments, or on twitter (@eenalol). I’d love to talk books! 

S x

Desert Island Books – zcollins1994

Hello again! 
Today another willing blogger is sent away to my desert island. Today’s contestant (haha, how sinister!) is gorgeous Zoe of @zcollins1994 and No Safer Place on Youtube! Please go check her out – Zoe is one of my favourite people on the interwebs. I met her at a Beauty and the Beast event and we have been friends ever since! 

Rules and regulations:

DIB rules

Choosing 6 books.

This is really difficult. My first 3 are pretty easy.
After the Fire by Will Hill,
The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Now it gets tricky but it’d have to be:
Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone by JK Rowling.
City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
The Potion Diaries: Going Viral by Amy Alward.

My snack would be Sweet Chilli sensations and my drink would be tea. I basically live on those two things anyway, so no change there. 

My album would be Beauty and the Beast (2017 version), mainly because there’s quite a variety of songs on there…and duh, it’s Disney.

If I had to choose one song and one book when the police came? It would quite obviously be After the Fire I’d be keeping and my song of choice would be Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

To be fair, being trapped on an island with unlimited tea, crisps, After the Fire and an endless loop of Gaston sounds like a dream come true. Steph, can we make this happen?


I love Zoe’s choices, mainly because I am SUCH a BATB fan. I would LOVE to spend time on a desert island with ATF and Gaston playing on repeat. Let’s make it happen! I’ve only read 2 of Zoe’s choices, so I definitely have some new books on my to buy list! 

Thank you Zoe! Go follow her on all of the media! 

S x

p.s. it’s not too late. EMAIL ME. TWEET ME. 

September wrap up

Hello October, goodbye September! 

Where did September go?

As you all know (if you’ve been following my life!), September was the month I started my SCITT (teacher training) programme, finally fulfilling a life long dream. I will be a teacher in a year… hopefully! Reading definitely took a back seat because of tiredness but I am more than proud of getting through 7 books! That’s more than I was hoping for, so I am chuffed!

“What did you read?” I hear you bellow!

In September, I read:

  • Nevermoor – Jessica Townsend
  • History is All You Left Me – Adam Silvera
  • Because You Love To Hate Me – Various authors
  • The Journal of Curious Letters – James Dashner
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James
  • Goodly and Grace 2 – Justine Windsor
  • One of Us Is Lying – Karen M McManus

They’re all BRILLIANT… but my books of the month are:

BOOKBLOG: Lauren James

BOOKBLOG: Karen M. McManus

I can not choose between these two.
They are both so brilliant. Gripping. Unputdownable. Neither of them are books that I would necessarily choose either, so for them to be my books of the month is incredible. 

What did you read in September?
What was your book of the month?

What are you autumn reads you’re excited for?

Talk to me in the comments or on twitter! I would love to know which books you’re excited for!

S x

Desert Island Books – xpectopatronerd

Hello all! It’s that time of the week again. Time to send another willing victim to the island of booklessness. This week we have my gorgeous book fairy Sarah. She tweets over at @xpectopatronerd and you probably should be following her, because well she’s amazing. (I have to say I chuckled an awful lot when I received Sarah’s email. It did tickle me!) 

Reminder of the rules:

DIB rules

You are allowed to take 6 books of your choosing. These can be any 6 you wish.

Well, firstly, can I just say how RIDICULOUS a rule six is, because it means I am unable to take all the Harry Potters. Who leaves one Harry Potter book out!? And how could I ever choose!!! On the other hand, I will grudgingly admit it’s an excellent way of making sure people don’t just bring the Harry Potters, and actually (pretend to) read something else once in a while. Luckily, I happen to genuinely love a handful of other books almost or as much (I think, maybe), so I would pack:

–          Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (because hello, I didn’t say I wouldn’t bring any at all)
–          I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett
–          Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes
–          Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
–          The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan-Doyle (not cheating, it’s one book, HONEST)
–          The Return of the King by J R R Tolkien

You are allowed to take a snack of your choosing, this will be provided in unlimited quantity.


You may choose from unlimited supplies of tea or coffee.

Obviously tea, I’m a Yorkshire lass not a heathen. Also, coffee makes me vomit.

You are entitled to carry with you ONE music playlist/album (not exceeding 15 songs).

This is the book question all over again. Do you know how many musicals there are? And how important it is to listen to the WHOLE SCORE of each? But FINE, DesertJet, I’ll concede. You better be giving me Sennheiser speakers.

–          Belle/Belle Reprise (Beauty and The Beast live action, 2017) 
–          Slow Show by The National
–          About Today by The National
–          Me Vs Maradona Vs Elvis by Brand New
–          Epilogue (Les Miserables live action, 2014)
–          The Music Of The Night (Phantom of the Opera)
–          Defying Gravity (Wicked)
–          Common People by Pulp
–          Everything Now by Arcade Fire
–          Blowin’ In The Wind by Bob Dylan
–          Evermore (Beauty and The Beast live action, 2017)
–          Christopher’s River by Biffy Clyro
–          St Elmos Fire by John Parr
–          Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
–          The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids

You MUST CHOOSE ONE BOOK and ONE SONG from your playlist/album that you get to keep when the Desert police come along

DESERTJET WE’RE GONNA HAVE TO HAVE WORDS. I want a refund, and compensation, and I want you to return all of my things, and I want to go home. This isn’t fun anymore.

If I do what you say, will you let me leave? Because if so, FINE.

I choose I Shall Wear Midnight and Epilogue (Les Miserables).

In addition to this book, you will be given the entire works of Shakespeare and the Bible (totally not stealing from Desert Island Discs, no sir).

Great. I’ll probably need something to use as loo paper/fire starters. (No offence Shakespeare, but you’re definitely more fun to watch than to read, and as for The Bible – well, it may as well make itself useful physically, as it’s certainly not wanted in any other aspect of my strictly and unbudgingly atheist life).


Thank you so much Sarah, for agreeing to be castaway! I hope you are safely back on land now. 

S x 

p.s. remember it’s not too late to join in! Leave me a comment, or send me a message, or tweet me and I will happily email you! 

How time flies!

It’s Monday again, which means it’s a recap of my last week time! 

This week was week 4 and I was back to school after having 2 weeks of block training away from school. To say I was glad to be in school is an understatement. I was pretty nervous though: I’m not really sure why! I was worried that everyone would’ve forgotten who I was (ha, I know, unlikely!).

Monday was lovely. Seeing everyone again and the kids being glad to see me (and remembering who I was!) was lovely. It was like coming home! I spent time observing and working with groups in Y6. In the afternoon, I taught some History (The Great Exhibition), French (clothing) and we did some Guided Reading

Tuesday brought along a full day of teaching for me. I was in Y6 all day – we got up to all sorts and it was great to be back in my usual habitat, the classroom. It was incredible to build those relationships with the kids again and to get used to being around them again. There was a staff meeting on Maths reasoning after school, which was pretty informative!

Wednesday brought me a whole new challenge. Just as Tuesday, I was teaching all day. However I was teaching all day in Y1! It was a big challenge, and a massive change from Year 6, but I loved it. It exhausted me! From Phonics to doing some Talk 4 Writing, Maths to RE, we had a brilliantly productive day! The highlight of the day was definitely doing Venn diagrams with them and it working! The kids did some amazing reasoning using Venn diagrams too! After school, I had a meeting with my mentor. I’m going to have to learn to be kind to myself after these meetings. 

Thursdays are my day out of school. We were at another local primary school learning all about Phonics. It was lovely to see all of my fellow SCITT trainees again and to be in another school, doing some learning and observing.

On Friday, I did some more observing and working with groups. The teacher did a brilliant lesson on personification in poetry and I loved it. More importantly though, the kids were all super engaged and loving it too! Friday pm is PPA time, so I spent the afternoon planning and doing things for assignments!

This week in 3 words? 
Exhausting. Invigorating. Home

Thank you all for the support on this rollercoaster of a ride! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

S x

S4S – Favourite fictional lands

Happy Sunday everyone! How are we all?

If you were around last Sunday, you will have noticed that I have left #SixforSunday prompts available on my blog! I’d love to see all of you get involved. If you’d like to be involved – check out the blog post: SixForSunday: You Join In!).

This week’s prompt was 

Favourite fictional lands

So here we go… 6 books with brilliant fictional lands.

  1. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
  2. The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy
  3. Girl of Ink and Stars
  4. Nevermoor
  5. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe (technically NOT a land, but her rocket!)
  6. Rebel of the Sands trilogy

I could’ve gone on forever I think! I love a fictional land! 

Share your posts with me. Remember, if you’re sharing on twitter, use the hastag #SixforSunday

S xx

Stories for Homes book tour

Published and unpublished writers come together to create an anthology of stories about what ‘home’ means.
55 writers are included in a second charity anthology that brings issues around housing, poverty and crisis to life through the power of storytelling. Volume One of the Stories for Homes Project raised over £3K for housing charity Shelter and raised awareness of housing issues.  Volume Two of the anthology includes stories, poems and flash fiction and again all proceeds will be donated to the charity.


I’ve just recently found a fondness of anthologies and when I was contacted about getting involved in the blog tour for Stories for Homes, I was most intrigued. Not only is it a brilliant anthology, showing off talent established and new, but the book also aims to raise money for charity. The money raised goes towards helping Shelter, in response to Grenfell Tower. I’m all for something that will help the world, as well as be a really good read.

The book comes in an eBook format, which is great if you’re a reader on the go! There are a multitude of brilliant stories included all centred around the theme of ‘home’. We all know that homes and our home lives can be complicated and messy, and this anthology doesn’t shy away from some of the hard hitting topics at home. As well as this, there are some beautiful stories about the love and compassion of home life. 

Some particular titles that stand out are ‘The Tiger Who Came Back to Apologise‘ (as a teacher, seeing something related to a kids book made my heart so happy!). I really enjoyed it and it made me nostalgic about ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea, so naturally I picked up my copy and read that having finished ‘The Tiger Who Came Back to Apologise’. There’s also a brilliant, and moving, poem called ‘Map of the Streets‘ which I really loved. 

If you’re a lover of anthologies and you’d like to support a good cause, please check out ‘Stories for Homes’. It’s such a brilliant anthology. 

If you check out the Stories for Homes WordPress there is some brilliant online content. 

If you’d like to buy it then check it on Amazon: clicky click

Last of all, if you’d like to check out the rest of the blog tour, check out the incredible bloggers involved below:

Stories for Homes Banner3

S x


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